Sometimes washing your clothes doesn’t do the trick. Your clothes require more due to excess bacteria build-up. Foul-smelling clothes are undoubtedly repulsive. There can be many reasons why your clothes smell even after a wash. Two of the major reasons being: bacteria build-up due to sweat or leaving your clothes too long in the machine.

Both of which are unhealthy and unpleasant. In this article, we list a handful of tips on how to eliminate odors from your clothes effectively. Read on!

6 tips to help eliminate odours in clothes

1. Clean your machine

Apart from washing your clothes regularly, it is important to give your machine a good clean-up every now and then. This will help get rid of any built-up residue in the washer that may be causing the foul smell. This would also help get rid of bacteria in the washer and therefore keep your clothes clean.

2. Dry your clothes

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Often, we forget clothes in the washer. But this isn’t a healthy laundry habit. Your clothes are damp and are prone to grow mold and even bacteria. This can give out foul-smell that defeat the purpose of the entire laundry cycle. Remember to always dry out clothes, preferably under sunlight to ensure the bacteria is killed and your clothes are completely clean.

3.Use hot water

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Hot water is a great way to get rid of bacteria and disinfect clothes. Toss your clothes in hot water at the end of the cycle and give them a rinse. It helps kill the odor-causing bacteria effectively.

4. Baking soda or Vinegar

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Using baking soda or vinegar can effectively help in fighting odors and mildew. Add in a half-cup of baking or vinegar to your load and let it do its magic. Make sure not to add too much. These ingredients help in cutting down the odor and avoid any bacteria build-up.

5.Store your laundry right

Apart from washing and drying your clothes correctly, it is also important how you store them. Often, clothes kept in inside too long develop unpleasant odors. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent this. Here are some tips:

  • Give your clothes room to breathe
  • Make sure they are completely dry
  • Place naphthalene balls
  • Make sure there are no foul-smelling agents

Another way to ensure that your clothes smell fresh and are free from bacteria is to soak a cotton ball in few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil and place them in between your clothes. This can help get rid of bacteria and give your clothes a pleasant smell (Do not use essential oils in case you are allergic or have pets).

6.Consider changing your detergent

Your detergent can also determine the fragrance of your clothes. Often detergents have added fragrances that help eliminate odors and keep clothes smelling fresh. But make sure, these fragrances do not irritate your skin. A quality detergent helps kill bacteria and leaves clothes clean and smelling good.

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  • Get rid of tough stains
  • Kill bacteria and odors
  • Leave clothes clean and fresh

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If you’re a busy person who has juggled work, and household chores then, you absolutely dread laundry day. Often, we put a hold on household chores to focus more on work and other important things. And then you return to a house filled with dust, dishes, and overflowing laundry baskets.

If you’re one such individual that can use some simple yet effective laundry tips, then this blog is definitely for you. So go ahead, and give it a read!

6 easy laundry tips for busy bees

1. Sort your laundry

This step requires you to keep a few laundry baskets. Sort your baskets based on the clothes you own. For example, keep a separate basket for whites, darks, and really dirty clothes. This way, you don’t have to waste time sorting each garment for the wash. All you have to do is toss your clothes in for a wash and fold them in their basket. It’s simple and efficient!

2. Clean your machine

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Cleaning your machine at regular intervals not only aids better cleaning of your clothes but also enhances the durability of your machine. Now, that’s two things you have to worry less about. Give your machine a good clean every couple of months to remove any residue build-up for a better wash.

3. Add a towel to the dryer

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Forgot to put your clothes to wash on time and now you’re running late with nothing to wear?

Fret not. We have all been there. After all, we’re humans trying to manage through life. This simple trick can help you. Just toss in a towel in the dryer to help absorb moisture from your clothes, allowing them to dry quicker.

4. Keep a schedule

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Mistakes happen. But don’t make it a habit. You cannot always depend on a dry towel for the rescue. This is why you need to come up with a laundry schedule that fits you right. Set a day in every week for your laundry chores. If you have too many clothes piled up, divide your week based on your schedule for your laundry loads.

Don’t pile your clothes up until the last day, and wash them all at once. This puts undue pressure on the machine and doesn’t ensure your clothes are thoroughly clean.

5.Keep your socks safe

One thing that every person running late to their office/school has faced is losing the other sock. You do remember tossing the pair in the machine but can’t find them together anymore. But you can prevent this from happening again with this simple tip.

Just add your socks to a small laundry bag before tossing them for a wash. This way your socks will remain intact for you to easily find them for later.

6.Stay consistent

Laundry doesn’t have to be hard work. But juggling multiple things at once can be burdensome. This is why it is important to keep a schedule and stick to it. Remaining consistent with your schedule is the key to prevent those piles of unwashed clothes in your basket.

It can be tough in the beginning but with the right schedule, laundry can be a cake-walk.

We hope these tips helped.

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As a new parent, you can’t wait to dress your little one in all the adorable clothes you find. But washing them off their dirt and stains seem like a daunting task. Well, it doesn’t have to be.

It is however important that you take some special care when washing and storing your baby’s clothes. But these can be managed effortlessly!


We have listed few simple tips on how to wash and care for those delicate baby clothes below. Keep reading!

5 tips for doing your baby’s laundry

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1.Baby- only loads: Yes or no?

It is common to think that washing your baby’s laundry separately can be safe and effective. But this isn’t entirely true. Separate baby-loads just adds to your work and might not be an efficient way to wash your clothes. 

It is suggested to combine your baby clothes with your everyday laundry. It can be easier to change your existing detergent to that of a baby-safe detergent. This is because your baby is sure to come in contact with your clothes too. So, the best way to keep your baby’s skin safe from irritants is opting for a mild detergent for all your laundry. 

However, this tip is recommended under certain conditions. Some are as follows:

  • You prefer scented detergents that can irritate the baby’s skin
  • Your baby has sensitive skin or is allergic to existing detergent
  • Someone in the family works with harmful substances/chemicals
  • Stained baby’s clothes that need to be separately washed

2. Removing stains

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When there is a baby, there will be stains. Whether it is the stains from their smelly poop, baby oil, spit-ups, or more- there is always a simpler way to get rid of them. Here is how:

  • Poop: Soak in lukewarm water and treat it with lemon juice before washing
  • Medications: Soak in luke water and treat it with white vinegar before washing
  • Spit-ups- Treat the stain with lemon juice before washing
  • Stubborn stains- Sprinkle baking soda. Later pour some club soda and then scrub to remove stains
  • Oil stains – pre-treat the area with a dish-wash soap and scrub the area before washing

3. Duration of the machine 

Some important tips must be noted before throwing your baby’s clothes in the machine. Here are some:

Wash your baby’s clothes in small loads. This can help in thorough cleaning without damaging the clothes

Use the gentle cycle to help keep your baby’s clothes looking newer

Rinse twice. This can help get rid of an excess detergent that may irritate the baby’s skin

Washcloth diapers and inners with lukewarm water to help get rid of germs and odors.

Read the instructions before tossing your baby’s clothes in the laundry.

4. Wash before wear 

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Whether your baby’s clothes are bought brand new or pre-owned, it is necessary to wash them once. This helps get rid of germs or any harmful irritants that may cause your baby to develop a rash. 

So, make sure to wash any and every cloth bought before you dress your baby in them. 

5.Choosing the right detergent

One of the first things to do before doing your baby’s laundry is to choose the best detergent that is both safe and effective. Detergents often contain harmful chemicals that irritate the baby’s skin. Every parent should do the right amount of research before choosing their baby’s detergent.

Always go for mild, non-scented, and baby-safe detergents for all your clothes. If still hesitant, there are many natural alternatives too. There are many homemade recipes that you can find online. Choose the one that fits safe for your little one!

We hope this helped!