How to use Ponvandu Liquid Detergent?

Ponvandu Liquid detergent is a washing care product that many people use in their households on a regular basis to remove stubborn dirt and stains from their lovable clothes. Ponvandu Matic Liquid Detergent can be purchased from supermarkets
and Big Basket.

Pour the detergent into the detergent dispenser compartment and allow it to mix thoroughly before placing the dirty clothes in the machine. Add your laundry to the washing machine.

To wash your clothes in a washing machine, add ½ cup of liquid detergent to your laundry. This will get your clothing as clean as possible, but for particularly dirty items you can use more detergent to get a deeper clean. Liquid Detergent is the Best partner for your washing machines.

which liquid detergent is best for top load washing machine?

Best Liquid Detergent for Top Load Washing Machine and for Front Load Washing Machine

Ponvandu Matic Liquid was the No.1 Liquid Detergent for Top Load Washing Machines and for Front Load Washing Machine.

Initially, Liquid detergent is used in both front & top-load washing machines. Ponvandu Matic Liquid can be used for all models of washing machines.

Liquid Detergent has to be added to the detergent drawer first. They are better than detergent powder for washing with hard water.

Ponvandu Liquid Detergent helps in cutting down monthly laundry expenses.

Which liquid detergent is good for washing machine?

Ponvandu Liquid Detergent 

If you are using a front-load washing machine, the Ponvandu Matic liquid detergent is best suitable for you. Ponvandu liquid detergent removes tough stains within a single wash. Ponvandu Liquid Detergent dissolves quickly without leaving any dirt and residues on the washed clothes. Ponvandu Matic liquid detergent gives a refreshing fragrance that makes your clothes always fresh.

what does detergent do when cleaning?

Ponvandu detergent soap uses its natural enzymes and contains surfactants, which are tiny molecules that will improve the mixing of water and other substances, such as stains, mud, and greases. The surfactant particles allow the water to spread gradually into the stain and lift the dirt off the clothes.

Can I use liquid detergent in my washing machine?

Yes Of course you can use Ponvandu Liquid Detergent in both the Top load washing machine and the Front load washing machine. The Liquid Detergent easily dissolves in the water and mixes well with the fabric threads and removes the dirt easily. Ponvandu Liquid Detergent easily removes the stains from the clothes in the first wash.

How to use detergent soap?

Step 1: Look at the cloth to see what kind of dirt and dots there are.

Step 2: Soak the cloth in soapy water for a few minutes before rinsing. In the case of tough dirt, you can soak the cloth overnight.

Step 3: Moisten the Ponvandu Detergent Bar in the water.

Step 4: Gently rub the Ponvandu Detergent Bar over the dirt for 10 to 30 seconds. You can also use a laundry brush to scrub the dirt and get the detergent bar to rub deep into the fibers of the fabric.

Step 5: Remove the cloth from the water and drain. Refill the sink or the bucket with clean water and dip the cloth to rinse off the soap suds.

Step 6: Hang the cloth out to dry.