clothes washing was very easy using ponvandu matic liquid


While washing your clothes when needed is important; washing your clothes the right way is more important. If not, you are prone to losing your favorite garments much sooner to fading, loss of quality, or even wear and tear.


Doing your laundry the right way is as important as doing the laundry itself. Here’s how you know if you’re doing your laundry right.


5 ways to tell you are not doing your laundry right!


  1. Unpleasant odors

When you don’t wash your clothes properly, or don’t let them dry adequately, they often build up unpleasant odors. Waiting to take your clothes from the dryer can cause your clothes to smell musty.

Your sweaty clothes often need to be washed thoroughly to get rid of the sweat smell. When this isn’t done, your clothes would still stink of your sweat odors. The best way to combat this issue is to dry your clothes as soon as they are washed. To get rid of any unpleasant odors, just rinse your clothes with either baking soda or vinegar. This helps your clothes smell fresh.


  1.     Residue remaining

Sometimes people make the mistake of assuming that more detergent equals better cleaning. This often leads to accumulation of detergent that is not rinsed off properly. This residue can cause fading, discoloration, stiffness, and even cause rashes on the skin.

To solve this problem, wash your clothes with only the recommended dosage of detergent. And make sure to rinse your clothes thoroughly to not leave any detergent residue behind. In case you spot any residue on your clothes, put them to rinse again.


  1.     Irritation and rashes on the skin

When clothes aren’t washed properly, they often can cause a lot of skin problems. Just like mentioned in our previous point, detergent residues often cause irritation and rashes on the skin. Under-washing your clothes too can cause the same.

The leftover dirt, bacteria, and odors can cause the same irritation and rashes on the skin. This is why remember to use the right amount of detergent when doing your laundry. Use an antibacterial detergent if your clothes are often sweaty.


  1.     Deteriorating quality of clothes

Laundry when done right can help retain the texture, and quality of your clothes thus extending its longevity. This would save you on purchasing newer clothes often. But have you noticed that your clothes are losing their spark after every wash?

This means you’re not doing your laundry right. You are either washing too often, using harsh detergents, or not using a gentle cycle. Stick to washing your clothes after a few wears, and don’t scrub the fabric too hard while treating stains. Apart from this, choose a mild detergent that helps preserve colors and isn’t too harsh on your fabrics.


  1.     Stains remain permanent

Stains are hard to remove. They must be treated immediately and correctly or else you risk losing your favorite fabric over a tea spill. This is why, when you spot a stain, pre-treat it as soon as possible. Just add liquid detergent over the stain and gently scrub away the spotted area. Wash the fabric as usual.

There are several ways to treat different kinds of stains. Baking soda, vinegar, salt, etc are some of the natural ways to help get rid of tough stains. We shall cover how to treat different stains the right way, on our upcoming blogs.







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